Every time you board a commercial jetliner to any destination in the world, it is highly likely that you are on an aircraft made by either Boeing, a huge American multinational aerospace corporation, or Airbus, their equally large European counterpart. Together, these two corporations constantly compete for dominance, or an increased market share at least, of the lucrative global aviation and aerospace market.

It all started in March 1910 when a man by the name of William E. Boeing, a former Yale University student and worker in the timber industry, purchased a shipyard in Seattle that he would convert into his first airplane factory. He utilized his knowledge in wooden structure from his previous experience and applied it to the design of aircraft, expertise that proved to be invaluable. The company was not officially renamed “Boeing Airplane Company” until 1917, immediately preceding the US involvement in World War I, in which William Boeing knew that the US Navy would have an urgent need for seaplanes and other military aircraft. After World War I, however, there was a huge surplus of military planes that entered the commercial market, causing many aircraft companies to go out of business as demand plummeted. Boeing, however, survived by differentiating itself and selling such products as dressers, counters, and furniture. Then, in World War II, Boeing experienced exponential growth just like many other aircraft companies. Several decades later, Boeing eventually became the Fortune 500 Company we all know today.

  • Ranked 30th on Fortune magazine “Fortune 500” list
  • Ranked 95th on “Fortune 500 Global” list
  • Ranked 26th on “World’s Most Admired Companies” list
  • 2nd largest aerospace and defense contractor behind Lockheed Martin


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Autodyne Manufacturing – Serving Commercial and Industrial Sectors by Providing Spare Parts


Autodyne Manufacturing – Well Equipped to Provide Over 2000 Items:

Autodyne was founded in 1957 and is a privately owned manufacture of providing spare parts for commercial and military industries. The manufacture provides a product line of over 2000 items. The company is headquartered in Lindenhurst, N.Y. and does all of the engineering, manufacturing, in-house testing, and quality assurance in house. Autodyne manufactures and designs new and obsolete parts, identifies substitutes, and locates hard to find and obsolete material.

Know about the Company’s Vendors:

Some of the company’s prime vendors include the following:

  • Boeing
  • Raytheon
  • Lockheed Martin
  • BAE Systems
  • United States Department of Defense

Autodyne has received Boeing’s Gold Supplier Performance rating because they have worked closely with Boeing Engineers in providing parts for Boeing’s Military Aircraft and Missile Systems group in California. Autodyne has had Colonel Dillard, Commander of the Long Island Defense Contract Management Command, visits the facility and was impressed with the small business it runs.

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Baldor Electric Company: The Prominent Supplier of Energy – efficient Motors, Generators and Power Grids


Baldor Electric Company – A Member of the ABB Group:

The Baldor Electric Company is a division of the ABB Group. ABB is a company based in Zurich, Switzerland that stands as the largest supplier of industrial motors and drives, the largest provider of generators to the wind industry, and the largest supplier of the power grids worldwide. With all of the companies combined, ABB employs 150,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries. Even though ABB was created in 1988, it has history that traces back to over 120 years. ABB is known for having technologies that have helped changed the world. One of ABB’s accomplishments is they have supplied more than 260 SVC and SVC Light solutions to steel mills all over the world. Baldor was acquired by the ABB Group in January 2011. Baldor was founded in 1920 and today is a leading marketer, designer, and manufacturer of energy-saving industrial electric motors and other product lines. The company is also the largest motor and mechanical power transmission company in North America. Their home office is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas and they support sales worldwide in more than 70 countries. The production happens in facilities located at 26 plants in the US, Canada, England, Mexico, and China. Baldor takes pride in offering the broadest range of industrial AC and DC electric motors to a variety of customers. Their motors range from 1/50th through 15,000 horsepower. Baldor also supports the entire line of ABB IEC motors and medium voltage motors up to 100,000 horsepower.

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Berkel – The Company Specialized in the Manufacturing of Exclusive Industrial Equipment


Berkel – Proud Provider of First Meat-Slicing Machine:
ITW is a one of the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of specialized industrial equipment, consumables, and related service businesses. ITW employs approximately 60,000 people in 58 countries. Berkel is part of the ITW Food Equipment Group LLC. In 1898, W.A. Van Berkel invented a system that revolutionized the way people prepared food all over the world by inventing the first-ever meat-slicing machine. By 1907, Berkel machines were being used in England, Belgium, France, Russia, China, Mexico and Canada. The company was known as the U.S. Slicing Machine Company but changed its name to Berkel, Incorporated.

What are the Major Products Offered by Berkel?
The current location of the company is in Troy, OH and the company business model still revolves around the same product lines:

  • Slicers
    • This product line consists of gravity feed slicers, premier slicers, bread slicers, and prosciutto slicers.
  • Vacuum Packaging
    • This product line consists of vacuum packaging and machines.
  • Processors
    • This product line consists of CC series food processors and M series food processors.

Berkel has been in business for over 100 years and has manufactured equipment that chefs and operators depend on for consistently great results.

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Bergen – Providing High End Solutions to the Electronics Industry

BERGEN Industries, Inc.

A Supplier in India:
Bergen Systems started in 1986 as a small startup company in India. They specialize in supplying PCB Assembly Equipment, Factory Automation Solutions and photovoltaic equipment. Bergen Systems has become one of the largest suppliers in India because of their devotion to offering an excellent product portfolio. Bergen Systems has three companies under its belt that include Bergen Systems Pvt. Ltd., Segen System Pvt. Lt., Segen Engineers Pvt. Ltd. With the three companies under its name, Bergen Systems offers equipment that is known for being innovative and being compact. They are known for having efficient designs, having superlative performance, having high durability and having cost effective results.

Source the Following Products from India’s Best Supplier:
Some of the machines that Bergen supplies include:

  • Multi-side high pressure die casting machine
  • Injected Metal Assembly Solutions
  • Special Purpose Machine
  • Cold Chamber
  • Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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Bodine – Dedicated to Complete Customer Satisfaction and Committed to Continuous Product Improvement

Innovation and Ingenuity:

Bodineac motorBodine started manufacturing motors in 1905. The company started in Loomis, Nebraska by brothers Paul and Carl Bodine. The brothers spent their spare time refining their motor design skills in a small workshop for a few years trying to improve their engine. It wasn’t until two years after they opened their workshop and had expertise with their motors, that they found their first large customer, a dentist. The brothers built an improved motor for the dentist that opened the doors to an industry they never thought about and was the starting success. The development of the improved motor was a kick start of the company. Today the Bodine Electric Company is a manufacturer of customer solving application challenges, a manufacturer of gearmotors and drive solutions, and a manufacturer of deliver high-quality products. They are headquartered in Northfield, Illinois and manufacture gearmotors that are found in industrial and commercial applications.

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Agusta Helicopters – Industry Best Manufacturer of Aircrafts with Proven Track Record


Agusta Helicopters – The Subsidiary of Finmeccanica:

Italian based company, Agusta merged with the helicopter company, Westland in the 1960s which established the new name, AgustaWestland. Westland which was founded in 1935 began making aircraft in the United Kingdom until the merge in 2001. Agusta was established in 1923 in Samarate, Northern Italy by Giovanni Agusta. In 2010, this company also acquired most of the Polish based helicopter company, PZL-Swidnik. With this acquisition, AgustaWestland became very known in central Europe which strengthened its global core in the industry and expanded its product lines.

AgustaWestland uses their expertise, production development and capabilities to provide total excellent rotorcraft capability. This company is a world leader in the vertical lift market for both commercial and military areas. They also employ over 13,050 employees with revenues in 2012 of EUR 4,243 million. AgustaWestland is also a subsidiary of the company, Finmeccanica S.p.A of Italy. Finmeccanica is an advanced-tech business leading in the manufacture of helicopters, defense electronics, commercial and military aircraft, aerostructures, satellites, space infrastructure and missiles.

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